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Bonus! The Broads play the Ride or Die Game

Broads and Books - A book podcast, funny podcast, feminist podcast, new podcast 2019

Yesterday, we talked about relationships gone bad. Today, we're testing our own relationship.

And our ride-or-die-ness? SOLID GOLD.

Listen as we play our own version of the Newlywed Game, predicting how the other will answer the most ridiculous of questions.

Follow along below:

  1. How would the other Broad get out of a bad date?

  2. What would the other Broad do if she saw a bike being stolen?

  3. What personal characteristic drives the other Broad crazy?

  4. If the other Broad went to a mall, where would she go first?

  5. The other Broad is an animal. What would she be?

  6. If the other Broad was a book character, who would she be?

  7. If the other Broad had to lead a group of people to apocalypse survival, what would be her strength and weakness?

  8. Planning a party for the other Broad: what would be the theme?

  9. The other Broad only has one type of clothes. What would it be?

  10. What three things would the other Broad bring to a deserted island?

  11. How likely is it the other Broad would survive apocalypse?

  12. Would the other Broad survive a Titanic-type shipwreck?


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