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Episode 46: You Get Me

Broads and Books - A book podcast, a funny podcast, a feminist podcast, new podcast 2019

This week we're talking books that spark a deep connection.

Along the way, Erin reveals her abiding love for lifeguards in hot tubs, Amy admits the abuse that Podcat puts her through, and we wonder about the intricacies of loan sharking.

We also mention a couple amazing book-related newsletters you should subscribe to, including the New York Times Books Newsletter, and Lithub.


Our picks this week:


Amy: The Friend, Sigrid Nunez

Erin: The Woman Upstairs, Claire Messud

Other Books:

Amy: Things We Didn't Talk About When I Was a Girl, Jeannie Vanasco (Memoir)

Erin: I Like to Watch: Arguing My Way Through the TV Revolution, Emily Nussbaum (Essays / NonFiction)

Pop Culture:

Amy: Earthbreak (Podcast)

Erin: Vanity Fair (Magazine / Website)


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