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Episode 47: Shelfies

Broads and Books - A book podcast, a funny podcast, a feminist podcast, new podcast 2019

It's Library Shelfie Day! So this week we're talking beautiful books, worthy of a shelfie.

Along the way, we talk about our library organization obsessions, whether it'd be worth it to marry Beast for his library, and Podcat's personal mission to make her mark on library books.

Need some book porn? Check out these amazing libraries, and a few shelfies of the Trinity College Library in Dublin.


Our picks this week:


Amy: Bowie's Bookshelf: The Hundred Books that Changed David Bowie's Life, John O'Connell

Erin: Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives: Stories from the Trailblazers of Domestic Suspense, Sarah Weinman

Other Books:

Amy: Joan Jett, Todd Oldham (Graphic Memoir, Coffee Table Book)

Erin: Humans of New York: Stories, Brandon Stanton (Coffee Table Book)

Pop Culture:

Amy: Legion (TV) (Plus the clip of Aubrey Plaza dancing Amy mentions)

Erin: Society6 (Art, Website)


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