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Episode 49: Mommy Dearest

Broads and Books - A book podcast, a funny podcast, a feminist podcast, new podcast 2019

This week, we're talking about the pains and perils of motherhood. And some real bad moms.

Along the way, we discuss the war room strategy for parenting, how Erin earns her son's respect, and how Amy wants a damn co-parent for Podcat.

Live in or near Iowa? Come us see us LIVE AND IN PERSON at the Des Moines Book Festival on March 28. Plus, submit your questions to the Broads for the chance at a live answer!


Our picks this week:


Amy: Idaho, Emily Ruskovich

Erin: Mother Mother, Koren Zailckas

Other Books:

Amy: Dear Scarlet: The Story of My Post-Partum Depression, Teresa Wong (Graphic Memoir)

Erin: The Female of the Species, Joyce Carol Oates (Short story collection)

Pop Culture:

Amy: Root of Evil (Podcast)

Erin: Generation Wealth (Movie, Documentary)


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