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Episode 55: It's the End of the World

This week we're talking about the end of the world, a theme idea suggested by our amazing listener, Amy W!

Our name this week of course comes from "It's the End of the World As We Know It (But I Feel Fine)," by R.E.M.

Also in the episode, we're talking about Amy's obsession with apocalypse, what Erin would help destroy at the end, and embarrassing mixtape stories.

Note: The Des Moines Book Festival on March 28 has been canceled. We won't be coming at you live there, but we've got lots of other stuff in store for you amazing fans.


Our picks this week:


Amy: The Rending and the Nest, Kaethe Schwehn

Erin: The Heap, Sean Adams

Other Books:

Amy: Love is a Mixtape, Rob Sheffield (Memoir)

Erin: Safety Tips for Living Alone, Jim Shepard (Short Story / Kindle Single)

Pop Culture:

Amy: JoJo Rabbit (Movie)

Erin: Frontline: Amazon Empire (TV, Documentary)


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