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Episode 56: I Wanna Be Adored

This week we're talking about fame. Getting it, living with it, bad behavior from it... we got it all. Just listen to "I Wanna Be Adored" by the Stone Roses, and you'll understand.

Also in the episode, we're talking about Teen Beat, the worst jobs in show biz, and what Amy's first public meltdown will be like.

Note: We recorded this gem of an episode before we entered quarantine! Enjoy the sound of real microphones and in-person contact - the next few episodes will be appropriately socially distanced via the interwebs.


Our picks this week:


Amy: A Song for a New Day, Sarah Pinsker

Erin: Kiss Me First, Lottie Moggach

Other Books:

Amy: Just Kids, Patti Smith (Memoir)

Erin: Medallion Status, John Hodgman (Essays)

Pop Culture:

Amy: Boogie Nights (Movie)

Erin: The Clearing (Podcast)


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