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Episode 91: Jolene

Cheating! Love triangles! These picks have all of them. Also in this episode, we consider why Dolly Parton is the best, examine the particular weirdness of Midwestern snacks and salads, and ponder how a particular Podcat would fare on reality TV.

Watch "Jolene," the Dolly Parton classic and inspiration for this week's theme. And for a bonus, watch The White Stripes take on the song with a bit more angst.


A Broad's book:

Pre-order DIG ME OUT by our own Amy Lee Lillard now!


Our picks from Broads and Books Episode 91: Jolene


Amy: The Final Revival of Opal & Nev, Dawnie Walton

Erin: Followers, Megan Angelo

Other Books:

Amy: Fame: The Hijacking of Reality, Justine Bateman (Nonfiction)

Erin: Fuckface, Leah Hampton (Short story collection)

Pop Culture:

Amy: Normal People (Hulu)

Erin: Spinster (Prime)



Broads and Books is a book podcast. A funny podcast. A feminist podcast. And one of the BEST podcasts. Each week Amy and Erin choose a unique theme. Then we choose two fiction books, two other genre books (short story collections, memoir, non-fiction, true crime, poetry, etc.), and two pop culture picks based on that theme. We surprise each other with our picks, talk about why we like them, and give you unexpected recommendations for every reading taste. Along the way, we share embarrassing stories, pitch amazing-slash-crackpot business ideas, implicate ourselves in future crimes, check in on our Podcats, and so much more. Broads and Books is fresh, funny, thought-provoking, and basically the best time you'll have all week.

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