The Broads Talk Books With: Mathieu Cailler

Meet your new favorite writer and human being: Mathieu Cailler.

In this new installment of The Broads Talk Books With, we talk to Mathieu, a poet, short story and children's book writer, and teacher. And he entertains the hell out of us with stories about stand up comedy, garage sales, and his love for a certain friend of the podcast. His most recent book, Catacombs of the Heart, is out now!

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Favorite books as a kid:

Authors and writers that made him want to write:

Authors/books he's been teaching:

Books on his TBR pile:

A book that's surprised him recently:

Writing that inspired him for Catacombs of the Heart:

Authors he wanted to meet and did:

Book he demands everyone read:

Current pop culture obsessions:

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